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Japanese girl gives head, deep down her throat

Rating: 8/10

Views: 2399802

Length: 8:12

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2014-03-13 16:54:30 Sakura Live for real Japanese girls

Post As...dd

2014-03-04 16:24:19 does this guy got a blister yet??? oh- and who cares-shes Asian and ive never seen one with out a DROP DEAD PAIR OF GOOD LOOKN LEGS! here in the states or where ever.... have you?

Small guy

2014-01-03 17:25:49 Not Japanese, Thai or flip. She sure didn't seem into it. Lol


2013-12-21 00:52:49 sound is messed up


2013-10-29 23:18:53 Absolutely fantastic!!!!


2013-10-13 08:39:08 Thai, Japanese....who cares.....didn't realise this site had so many discerning connaisseurs who need to pass comment.... I JUST CAME HERE TO MASTURBATE

Yellow Fever

2013-08-11 12:46:43 Phuket Thai not Shibuya Japanese. Only connection between Thailand and Japan was Japan once ruled them and the Thai were conscripted to make swords, hence Thai-tsuki


2013-07-02 18:01:02 Thai

Thai not Jap

2013-06-11 03:11:49 Ppl r right shes thai. Been Around asians my whole life and japs r very different. Most westerners r stereotypical wen it comes to asians. They cant tell them apart, most anyway. Also this producer only films in thailand. Alot of amateur film makers r based there because they can make super cheap movies


2013-04-18 11:00:32 She is definately Thai. My Girlfriend is Thai and looks pretty similar. Japanese are paler with black hair and different shaped faces and eyes.


2013-04-11 20:32:03 Anybody who thinks this is a Japanese girl is a fool. Firstly, she does not look like a Japanese girl in the slightest and secondly this amateur porn producer would not be able to afford a Japanese girl. She is quite obviously from Thailand.


2013-04-06 06:17:44 i love to put my dick deep in your sweet pussy ilove you


2013-03-30 18:02:04 whats her name??? were can i find her?? i want her holes


2013-03-12 18:40:24 I+just+fucked+my+girl+to+this


2013-03-06 21:31:31 This is thai girl, not japaneese


2013-02-13 19:17:26 That is the kind of pussy I would pay good $ for. I would want to suck on those fantastic tits though before I fucked her!


2012-12-01 14:16:55 Shes a jap read the heading


2012-11-28 07:20:34 how can you tell she's thai?


2012-06-20 16:46:50 wow this girl need to go pro in films she has it all man body to die for so hot .


2012-05-29 11:12:50 I like


2012-05-01 13:22:03 One of the Walking Street hello girl in Pattaya. What a pitiful nation, so many working girls would do bare back for just an extra 500 bahts.


2012-04-05 19:07:14 que lindo como habla esta chica .. jajaja .. bien putita


December 06, 2011 poor girl. men who think that she has got fun.... will hopefully never have a girlfriend.


December 05, 2011 Japanese girls love big hard western cock and this girl is no exeption


October 31, 2011 what crap

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